filthy face records

Filthy Face Records is a Dutch music label specializing in harder styles, which was relaunched in 2019. Prior to 2019, the label focused on a different genre of music, namely drum and bass. The decision to shift the focus to harder styles reflects the passion and dedication we have for this specific form of musical expression.


Our vision

What sets us apart from other labels is the familial relationship among all the artists. The label places great importance on close collaboration and support among the artists, fostering an atmosphere of togetherness and collective growth. This familial environment creates an inspiring and creative atmosphere where artists can fully unleash their potential.

The main goal is not primarily financial gain but rather supporting new talents. The label aims to provide a platform for aspiring artists to showcase their music to the world. Through targeted promotion, distribution, and booking opportunities, Filthy Face Records enables talented artists to advance their careers and realize their musical vision.