Devin de Jonge, better known by his stage name MC Discharged, is a talented musician and artist from Ter Apel, the Netherlands. At the age of 25, he has already built an impressive career and made a name for himself in the local music scene.
MC Discharged is known for his unique raspy voice. With his energetic and powerful style, he manages to captivate his audience and deliver an unforgettable stage presence.
In addition to his solo project, Devin is also a member of the music project “de Feestcommissie,” where he showcases his versatile skills as a musician and entertainer. Together with the group, he creates catchy party anthems and delivers memorable performances at various events and festivals.
MC Discharged has also collaborated with other talented artists, including Emerged and Jackro. These collaborations have resulted in some notable songs that have been praised by fans. Devin is not just a musician, but also a creative mind constantly seeking new ways to express his art.

MC Discharged

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