Syph, whose real name is Julian Mulder, is a talented DJ who attends the renowned Herrmann-Brood-Academy, a respected school for music producers. He has developed a unique style that combines melodic elements with a harder edge.

During his time at the Herrmann-Brood-Academy, Syph has honed his skills and gained a deep understanding of music production. He initially embraced a melodic approach, incorporating captivating melodies and powerful beats into his sets. However, as he continued to evolve artistically, he ventured into a newer, harder style while still retaining his appreciation for melodies.

Syph’s performances are characterized by high energy and a dynamic mix of intense hardness and melodic moments. He knows how to engage his audience, taking them on an exhilarating journey through his sets.

In addition to his work with Filthy Face Records, Syph has also gained recognition for his releases with Scantraxx. Furthermore, Syph had the honor of playing at the prestigious Decibel Outdoor Festival in 2023.


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