Revizion, also known as Olav Stotijn, is a talented DJ currently studying at the renowned Herrmann-Brood-Academy, a prestigious school for music producers.

With the knowledge and skills gained from his studies at Herrmann-Brood-Academy, Revizion has honed his craft and developed a keen ear for creating powerful tracks. He has cultivated a distinct style within the Raw Hardstyle genre that sets him apart from others.

A notable milestone in Revizion’s career was his exhilarating performance at Rebirth Festival. This festival, known for its incredible lineup and enthusiastic crowd, provided the perfect stage for Revizion to showcase his talent and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Revizion’s performances are characterized by his infectious energy, driving beats, and the ability to connect with the crowd. He knows how to create a vibrant atmosphere that keeps the dancefloor moving and leaves the audience wanting more.


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