Lars van Daalen de Jel  
Founder, CEO, DJ & Producer


Lars van Daalen de Jel (September 23rd 1991) is a dj from Gennep, The Netherlands  who started his career in 2009 under the name Black Phoenix. Doing some hardstyle mixes for personal use and show casing these to some friends including the founder of Filthy Face Records and youth friend Wiek Pubben (Insiderz). In 2010 Lars switched genre's to Electro House and his name to Lars P. Where he went on releasing (dirty) house mixtapes and having two monthly radio appearances: one as a guest at a friends radio station ( and his own show on the same radio station: Banging Beatz wich continued for half a year until the radio station later on was shut down due to financial issues. After a few years Lars developed himself as a multi genre dj switching back to his old alias Black Phoenix and doing several gigs with the genres Electro House, Trap, Dubstep and Hardstyle aswell as releasing two electro house tracks. During this time the musical interest of Wiek Pubben (Insiderz) went on to grow and together they went on to experiment with different genres on the decks and developing a even closer friendship. As of 2018 his musical focus went back towards his old love, (raw) Hardstyle attending a lot of parties over the years. With low personal music output due to being assigned as Manager of the social media pages from Insiderz and later on Filthy Face Records. in 2019 Lars proved himself to be a worthy addition to the team and for him to have a wider range of responsibilities and duties to fulfill he was promoted to ceo. Now in 2020 Lars is a unmissable force within the label acting as Chief Executive Officer, Label Manager, and promoter.

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