Jacob Kroodsma
DJ & Producer


Jacob Kroodsma (January 22nd 2001) is a dj & producer from Grijpskerk, The Netherlands. He started his career in 2016 under the name Jackro. During this period he also started his YouTube channel where he used to make videos of games, uploads music, tutorials, vlogs and does livestreams on his channel! He is also doing so very well getting close to 10.000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Jacob also started a EDM music support channel on YouTube called Upcoming Talentz. In September of 2020 Jacob became a intern at Filthy Face Records doing graphical work for the label and we are most happy with the energy and work ethic Jacob brings into the label! With a lot of music in the making. We couldn't stay behind and are happy to say Jacob has joined the Filthy Face Family! 

Filthy Face Releases